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Based out of Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India Sams School Of Enterprise Architecture is formed with & by the brain of Technocrats, Architects and Business Consultants and cater to the IT training needs of Odisha, Bihar & Jharkhand. In an attempt to bridge the knowledge gap experienced by Corporates in India because of the ever demanding and changing landscape of businesses and technologies we track trends in the industry. With extensive research we bring holistic industry oriented quality programs to Engineering and MBA Graduates, right at their door steps, to help raise their skills and knowledge and be at par with elite brigade of IT industry - enabling placement and successful career for our students.

Through our corporate programs we help experienced talents to fine tune their skills with the knowledge of an Enterprise Architect. We create architects and business consultants.

We are experts & apreciate deep skils?

We at Sam’s School of Enterprise Architecture, take pride in our expertise and ensure that we evolve ourselves with continuous research and initiatives. Our speciality includes
  • Network of technology enabled HelpCenter in educational institutions
  • Programs based on comprehensive industry reasearch and expertise
  • Industry aligned most-holistic programs meant for a wide gamut of attractive Industry Roles
  • Nurture Solutioning-brains of young talents and transform them to Solution Architects and Business Consultants
  • Extensively experience Enterprise & Solution Architects as faculty - Do anyone has this?
All our programs reflect current trends of technology - e.g. business usefulness,skills gaps in market, potential compensation etc. This practice and expertise enables us to come up with programs that are unique and of maximum demand - ensuring max. employability of our students. Please click here to know more about our uniqueness.

Faculty profile that one can dream of!!

In order to bring quality programs to our students we stress on experience and expertise of our faculties. We constantly benchmark the expertise and experience of our faculty and stay ahead of the curve. We are proud to say that we came up number one in each comparision of quality of of faculty and their experience with those in the leading brands in volumetric training. We are qulity oriented and following points represent faculties who deliver our industry leading programs.
  • Experience, greater than 18 years in the subject
  • Plus, expert level knowledge on the subject under consideration
  • Plus, a proven track record on their areas of expertise
  • Must have played the roles of Solution or Enterprise Architect
Although it may sound like a no-business-sense affair yet for us this is un-compromising aspect of our model.Please click here to get a sample profile of our faculty.

Flexible Engagement Model!!

We do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to the brighter future and aspirations of our students. We involve ourselves efficiently at all levels i.e. Corporates, Educational Institutions, Leading Placement Consultants and most importantly with our Students.
  • Through "Corporate Relationship Desk" we connect with the leading brains of business to know the needs and expectations of their business and bring the same to our students with idustry alligned subject matter.
  • "Student Help Desk" : Operates in tandem with Corporate Relationship Desk to bring corporates and students to the same platform helping our students to achieve their ambitions of getting a placement in the ever-demanding world of corporates. and simultaneousely helping the industry with the most talented pool of freshers
Our involvement with the educational institutions is multi-pronged - starting from equipping them with the know-how of promoting the college with the corporates to enabling the faculties remain industry aligned.We believe a full-cycle involvement is the key for bringing value to the community.

Uncomparable porgrams!!

We deliver industry aligned programs that are unique in the industry. Our programs uniquely combines domain (Banking Insurance, Manufacturing), advanced Information Technologies (Java, .NET, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, BI & DW, Content Management etc.), IT Solution Creation practices, IT Management Processes to give you the most holistic programs in three base flavours.
  • Business, IT & Its Architecture : Meant for BE and MCA Graduates
  • Business Consulting : Meant for MCA students
  • Enterprise Architecture & Practices :- Meant for BE, BCA & MCA Graduates
  • Industry Orientation Express : A quick program on a specific technology or group of technologies
We encourage interested candidates to compare the programs with any leading programs that they can think of and see the difference them-selves. To know more about our programs please click here
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