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Business, IT & Its Architecture - Jump Start your Career

Program Description

Sam's School of Enterprise Architecture (Sams SEA) - Bhubaneswar Odisha, pioniors in creating industry-leading advanced training programs for college students (freshers). This is the foundational program that has even focus on architecture of business, technology and IT processes. It goes beyond traditional learning of language and introduces a refreshingly scientific way that has evolved from the experiences of industry experts to lay the most efficient path for transforming exploring-brains into brains of Solution Architects. The program is meant to enhance the practical know-how of engineering grads aspiring to be playing a role in IT and consulting. It blends essential dimensions of business, technology, research and architecture to form a complete package.

Program Specification - For Each Module

  • Class room hours : 200 hrs
  • Off-classroom hours (assignment) : 120hrs
  • Number of real life case studies : 7
  • Course Duration :~ 12 months
  • Weekly Hours : 4 hrs
  • Location : In general location would be our own disbursement center. However, If we get a critical mass for a locality we will be taking newer disbursement center at that locality to bring max convenience to our students.

What students will learn

  • A business & its processes (Choices:- Insurance, Banking, Manufacturing. Supply Chain)
  • All major technologies 10+ : Choices - how to (SWOT, Business fitment, Players, Functional Selection criteria, Licensing, Indemnity)
  • IT Technology solutions to business problems (Processes, Tools & methodologies)
  • Deep dive into one of the technology combinations :
    • Java & Cloud Computing (Amzon)
    • Java & High Performance Computing
    • Java & Mobile Computing (Android & IPhone)
    • Content Management
    • BI & DW
    • Web programming (JSP & PHP, Search Engine Optimization & Digital marketing)
    • .Net & Azure
    • Internetworking

Student Segment

  • Bacheor of Engineering (BE, BTech, BSc-Engineering)
  • Master's in Engineering (ME, Mtech, MSc-Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science
  • Masters in Computer Applications (MCA)
  • Bachelor in Computer Applications (MCA)
  • For any other Graduates a customized version of programs is available

Faculty Profile

  • Minimum industry experience: 21+yrs
  • Download a sample faculty profile here

You can download Aspirant Registration Form here.

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