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9 Dimensional Comparision

We knew that we have to harness and nurture young brains to think and act like Architects and Business Consultants to meet the pressing needs of enterprises.This demanded a holistic program which was missing in the industry. At present, we humbly enjoy the fact that our program is un-parallel in the industry.We constantly measure, monitor and benchmark ourselves based on three dimensions i.e. Course Quality,Course Coverage and Course Disbursement. Our in-house extensive research enables us with the insight required to fine-tune our programs and be un-parallel in the industry.

Some salients feature of our course are:
  • Holistic - A unique blend of
    • Business Process e.g. Supply Chain, Product Life Cycle Management, Insurance, Investment Banking, Retail Banking
    • Language ( Java,.Net etc.)
    • Advanced technology (Contet management, Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing etc.)
    • Solutioning & Architecting
    • IT Process & Management
  • Case study Driven - It enhances practical knowhow of students with real-life scenarios
  • Imparted by Professionals - who are in business for a minimum of 16 yrs.
  • World Class Pedagogical Standard
We constantly thrive to make sure that we learn from the learning-experiences of great minds and reflect back on our curriculum so that the best of courses are disbursed in an easy-to-absorb manner.The most important question - "How we make our students world class enabling them a placement in competative corporate?" drives our curriculum and our teaching style.

A complete analysis of our program is available here!!
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