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Industry Orientation Express

Program Description

Sams School, the leading training institute, imparts top notch programs that are holistic, extensive and value driven. This training program is meant for the students who are either at final year of their colleges or have graduated. It takes them through a first-track program on essentials of IT and technology. This training program predominantly focuses on providing in-depth knowledge of programming, basic solutioning skills and essential business skills. Students can choose a language and a technology of their choice. The options here are many starting from java, .NET, PHP in combinition with Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing till advanced programs in data center design and network design through advanced technologies like CMS and BPM. Like any other program in our portfolio,placement assistance is provided to students through our network.

Class Leading training packages

  • #1 - Java (with three frameworks) & Cloud Computing.... Read More
  • #2 - Java(with three frameworks) & Mobile Computing
  • #3 - Java (with three frameworks) & High Performance Computing
  • #4 - Java (with three frameworks) & SAAS Application Development
  • #5 - Web Development with JSP,PHP,ASP and Search Engine Optimization
  • #6 - Content Management
  • #7 - Business Process Management & Rules Engine
  • #8 - Business Intelligence & Data warehouse - BI & DW (SAP, jaspersoft, Pentaho etc..)
  • #9 - Internetworking
  • #10 - Data Center Design

Program Specification - For Each Training Module

  • Class room training hours : 70 hrs
  • Off-classroom assignment hours : 60hrs
  • Number of real life case studies : 2
  • Training Duration :~ 4 months
  • Weekly Hours : 4 hrs
  • Location : In general, training location is our own disbursement center. However, If we get a critical mass for a locality, we will be taking newer disbursement center at that locality to bring max convenience to our students.
  • Pleaase write to us if you want us to start a disbursement center in your locality.

What students will learn for each package :

  • Programming Basics & Conepts
  • Advanced programming
  • Advanced Business Application
  • Application Architecture - Concepts & Application
  • Architecture Representation & documentation - process & tools
  • Creating Complex solutions for business problems
  • Best practices
  • Two relevant contemporary frameworks
  • Secret tips & tricks

Student Segment

  • Bacheor of Engineering (BE, BTech, BSc-Engineering)
  • Master's in Engineering (ME, Mtech, MSc-Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science
  • Masters in Computer Applications (MCA)
  • Bachelor in Computer Applications (MCA)
  • For any other Graduates a customized version of programs is available

Faculty Profile

  • Minimum industry experience: 17+yrs
  • Download a sample faculty profile here

You can download Aspirant Registration Form here.

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