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Industry expectation from freshers is changing!!

Hi There!

Want to fly high!! So,the first step is to figure out where you stand. Is not it? The world is changing!! The expectation of Industry from individual is also changing. Let us try to understand those changes.. The better you understand the problem the better your solution will be!!

World is moving from

World is moving to

  • Can they communicate with the group and exchange ideas effectively?
  • Are they good about what they have read in their curriculum?
  • What is the level of Ethics, Smartness, Truthfulness?
  • Are they aware about a programming language?
  • Are they aware about the process involved in a business?
  • Are they aware about the context?
  • Are they well versed with practices of enterprise?
  • Are they aware about IT as business enabler?
  • Are they aware about business usage of Technology
  • Are they aware about the technology Capability
  • Can they bring all of above together to solve business issues
  • Others
    • Can they communicate with the group and exchange ideas effectively?
    • Ethics, Smartness. Truthfulness

In light of above, are you really ready for the challange?

As per our observations, many students suffer from serious restrictions because of non-availbility/non-identification of right courses and inaccessiblity of experienced professionals as their mentor. As an outcome they remain under-exposed to the practical aspects of industry or under-skilled.An industry where knowledge is placed over certifications, it is a must that students who aspire to have a place in covetated IT industry must take the right step - Right course at right price and of right quality towards that direction.
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